Are You Searching For Work And Like To Write For Us?

We are running a blog and we are hunting for guest blog writers. We’re in the travel niche. Even though we already have lots of contents, we are still searching for more fresh contents in the niche to be posted in our blog. If your travel niche site is seeking an extra exposure through publishing to other platforms, we could be your partner with that. Contact us now so I can offer you our rules in submitting your contents.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics

Home improvement
Interior design
Power & Hand Tools
DIY (how to do almost anything)
Handyman tips & tricks
Product reviews
Heating & plumbing
Electricians equipment
Garage (auto repair & equipment)
Interior & Exterior design

It has proven time and time again that guest blogging can help your site reach more audience. Well crafted contents shared on various blog platform can increase additional publicity of your site. The owner of your blog post where you posted your content can have his audience view your site, resulting for more traffic. In social media too, they publish the content there to get another flow of traffic of visitors. And here’s the search engine that looks for links to your website and if your website has more links like the ones you get in guest posting, search engine will assist you create organic traffic to your website. It is essential to submit content to blogs that are on a similar topic to your own website though. For example, the niche of your site is in the travel industry, then, look for travel or blog sites and ask to become one of their guest bloggers. You wouldn’t want to get a guest blog on a real estate website for example because this isn’t related to your website and looks strange to the search engines. There is a choice in the submission. You can include images or videos in the content you posted. Your guest post will be spotted by search engines and without doubt they will like your content.


Guest blog contents can be outsourced to someone whose writing ability passes your standards or you can personally write for us then submit the content as guest blog writer to website like who are continuously searching for contents. I Need Articles is one of the websites providing content writing services at a good price.


Start to contribute now our blog site as guest blogger. Begin by completing the form to call us and we’ll send back the blogging rules afterwards. Articles that you need to submit to us have word count of 750 and double checked for top quality standards. If you successfully pass our qualification as guest author and you want to be featured, just tell us.