How To Repair Scratched Glass

How To Repair Scratched Glass

Have you ever looked through the glass, and you are immediately distracted by a superficial scratch on it? This happens unconsciously because what follows is an urge to fix it solely or with the help of a professional. There are several methods one can employ to repair the scratched glass. The points that follow will guide you on how to do it yourself.

Use Metal Polish.

Metal polish can be used to repair scratched glass that has a crack that is on the surface if it is applied correctly. However, if it is too deep, this polish will not help the scratch to disappear as it will have done on a crack that is on the surface. The first step is to clean the scratched area with a clean, soft cloth. The use of rough fabric or paper towels will ultimately increase the scratches. After dry wiping, that area, dab some of the metal polish onto another clean, soft fabric then rub it onto the scratch. If you rub it correctly, then the scratches will become less visible or disappear.

Attempt Using Clear Nail Polish.

Usually, people use clear nail polish to prevent chipping, peeling, or scratching of their nail coating; hence, it will serve the same purpose in repairing scratches on glasses. Once again, you will have to clean the scratch as it has been previously mentioned. Ensure that the scratched area is dry before applying enough coating on scratch. Do not overdo it! After this process, you remove excess nail polish if there is any at all with a polish remover using a clean cloth.

The points above clearly state how you can get rid of glass scratches. It is essential for you not to apply excess polish on the scratched part as it will add more scratches to the glass. The excess polish will smudge on the glass hence ensure you apply it lightly using the precise nail polishing’s brush.