Redstones Walsall Has Some Of The Best Estate Agents Out There

Before my husband and I got married, we wanted to buy a home. Over the years, we had saved enough money up to put a nice down payment on a house. About a year before we got married, we started looking for homes to buy. We found several homes in the area for sale on a variety of websites. One of the homes we wanted to look at happened to be on the Redstones Walsall website.

After talking to my soon to be husband about looking at this home and the price of it, he agreed we could look at it. I contacted the agent that was listed on the Redstones Walsall website. Instead of sending them a message, I called them on the phone. They answered and I told them that I was interested in looking at one of the listings on their website and I told them which one it was. The real estate agent asked me when it would be a time to look at it and we sat an appointment up for that evening.

My fiance and I went to look at the home and were pretty pleased with the look of it as we pulled up to the home. We also loved the inside of the home. After talking to the real estate agent, we found out there was someone else interested in purchasing this home and were in the process of trying to get a loan. We were kind of sad because it was a home we both wanted. The agent asked us if we wanted to look at any other listings. We let them know we weren’t interested in any others and to let us know if something falls through with that home.

A few days later the agent with Redstones called back to let us know the bank denied the loan for the other couple. We told them we were interested in starting the home buying process. The agent already had everything in order for us and only needed a few other pieces of information from us to process the paperwork.

We were able to close on our home in less than 60 days thanks to the agent with Redstones. We were really happy with the whole process and it was made easier by the estate agent working for Redstones in Walsall.