How To Choose Your Isokern Fireplace

An Isokern fireplace is as beautiful but much easier to install than a traditional masonry fireplace. If you want to enjoy the warmth and the cozy atmosphere offered by these modular systems, you’ll need to take time to determine which series works best for your home.

If you want an all fuel fireplace, you’ll need to research the Standard Series and the Magnum Series. If you prefer a gas only fireplace, take a closer look at some models in the Maximus Series or the Vent-Free Series. If you need a large finished opening height, the BVETTO B Vent Gas is the Isokern fireplace for you. This series features a quick start firing system and an electronic ignition gas log set with remote control.

You’ll be able to find the main features and specs of all these systems on the official website of Earthcore, the purveyor of the Isokern systems. If you need some creative ideas of fireplace settings, you can take a look at their Gallery section.

You should also know that there are differences between indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Similarly, some fireplaces work best on concrete floors, while others can be installed on wood floors, as well. If you can’t install a vent, you’ll need to choose a vent-free model. Like this, you’ll be able to install your fireplace even in less traditional areas of your house.

In order to save time you may want to research the ones that suit your intentions and your space. Even better, you can use the Selector function on the Earthcore website to find the ideal solution for your specific situation. For more details, you should contact one of their representatives to discuss your needs and your available options. There are so many models to choose from, that you’ll surely find the perfect one for your home.