4 Important Questions To Ask Home Movers

Are you getting ready to move to your new home? Before the move even begins, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to do — from packing your stuff and contacting a transportation service to cleaning up the place and arranging the items in your new location. In order to save time and money, you will do yourself a favor by enlisting the services of a home moving company. Here are some key questions you should ask home movers to help you make the right choice.

Do You Outsource Your Work?

A lot of home moving providers try to cut costs down by outsourcing their work. If you refuse to do some legwork, you might end up hiring a company that doesn’t have an in-house team of professional movers. For this reason, it pays to ask the company whether they have a trained staff that deals with all of their clients. While you’re at it, check whether they have the necessary equipment such as packing materials, lifting machinery, and vehicles that enable them to carry out a high quality moving service.

What Insurance Do You Offer?

Many companies also reduce overhead costs by not offering insurance. You might be tempted to hire one of these companies because they provide their services at a lower rate. However, you risk spending more money in the event that any of your items sustain damage during the course of the service. In addition, the movers may also get injured. The last thing you want is to shell out money for these unforeseen circumstances. You will be better off choosing a home moving service that offers general liability and workers compensation insurance.

Can I Get A Written Estimate?

In order to prepare your budget accordingly, you should ask for a free, written estimate from the moving company. If the company gives you a quote the first time you talk to them over the phone, then remove them from your shortlist. Instead, narrow your list by selecting companies that visit your property first before offering an estimate. Also take the time to check the estimate and see whether it consists of all the details of the move.

How Can I Talk To Referrals?

Searching online for reviews about the company is a good way to measure their quality of service. But it’s much better if you can talk to a couple of their past clients. Ask the company whether they provide referrals and how you can reach out to them.

These 4 questions should help you select the best home movers for the job. While it takes a bit of time investment on your end, it proves well worth it because you increase your chances of working with a professional mover that offers high quality services at a reasonable rate.

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