FLHSMV Regulations On Driving Schools In Sarasota FL

There are multiple driving school Sarasota FL, and choosing the best one for yourself, or a loved one should be a priority. However, word of mouth should not only be the primary consideration in finding the best school. You have to make sure that the institution you decide is right by the law. The FLHSMV is Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which handles most of the execution of the Florida Statutes on Commercial Driving Schools.


Opening up a driving school in Sarasota FL, requires a bit of paperwork that the FLHSMV will receive. First, however, you should have a Certificate of Incorporation issued within the year or Certified fictitious name issued within the last five years from the Secretary of the Florida Department of State. 

You will submit this document, along with the original application form for a commercial driving school license, copy of the student contract with the school, and a copy of the curriculum. You will also need a set of fingerprints through a printed copy of the fingerprint card and provider for a live scan for electronic submission. 

Settle the payment for licensure and application fee, and print a copy of Rule 15A-11 – Driver Training School. Submit paperwork as well for each instructor, which includes an application form for commercial driving school instructors, a set of fingerprints, and an employment letter.

A license to operate will last one year. An application for renewal with its standard fee is a requirement to continue the business. Changing the ownership of a company will also require a use, along with the required documents for each instructor.

Violation And Penalties

The possible reasons for revocation and suspension of a license are violations of the provisions of Chapter 488 in the Florida Statutes, withholding a criminal record. Other causes for suspension include fraud or willful misrepresentation during the application of a license, and corruption by conducting business for licensing of drivers in any FLHSMV or tax collector premises, including parking spaces. 

The violation a business owner can receive is a misdemeanor of the first degree. There will also be a penalty of possible prison time maximum of one year and a fine of a thousand dollars.


FLHSMV does not handle commercial truck driving schools in Sarasota FL, or any other city. However, these schools still need to comply with some FLHSMV regulations. They should still apply for a certification of the instructors and the vehicles to be used by the school

Look for schools that abide by the law and maintain a good record with the community. We, at All Florida Safety Institute Driving School in Sarasota FL, assure you that we try our best to serve you.