Famous Gardens that have cast aluminium furniture

Chicago Botanic Garden


One of the primary contributors to the spectacular growth of the US is the railroad system. For more than 100 years this country has been shaped by its extensive railroad network. And this is why it is entirely fitting for the Chicago Botanic Garden to have a section which is dedicated to the railroads in the US. Naturally, no Railroad Garden will ever be complete without cast aluminium garden furniture because this kind of furniture is probably one of the closest things to the furniture which was seen on railway stations throughout the last century. In this amazing garden, you will, therefore, see entire sets of model trains passing through tunnels and across bridges and also passing well-known American landmarks such as the White House and many other well-known tourist destinations. Most of these miniature models have been hand crafted by the well-known designer Paul Busse. This garden has become a major inspiration to property owners all across the US, many of whom have their own railway gardens.

Chinese Scholar’s Garden


This is another excellent garden in Staten Island, N.Y. where designers have been very successful in creating an experience where it actually feels like the people visiting this garden is finding themselves in a much earlier time in history. Wealthy property owners have been copying this garden for decades, making use of cast aluminum garden furniture, where property owners can sit and simply enjoy the view. This is a favorite garden for the purpose of meditation and this is why there are several courtyards as well as covered walkways and even pavilions which have been arranged in a manner which is contemplative and yet an excellent architectural masterpiece has been achieved. Both natural stones, as well as prefabricated materials, has been used during the construction process and this can be seen in the courtyards, the ponds and also the garden paths. The inquisitive gardener will certainly be able to obtain many useful ideas which can then be incorporated into their own gardens. Just remember that 4 season’s garden furniture and especially those made from aluminum always add a special dimension to any garden.

Japanese Garden


There is general agreement among tourists that one of the most authentic Japanese Gardens in the Western Hemisphere is the one which can be found in Oregon. This is a very extensive garden of no less than 5.5 acre and many different garden styles have been incorporated in order to arrive at the end product. There is the tea garden, also the flat Garden, the Stroll Garden, the Natural Garden and the stone garden. Not many homeowners have the necessary space to copy the entire idea in their own gardens but nevertheless, there have been many people who have used certain elements of the Japanese garden when designing their own gardens. Aluminium garden furniture is certainly adding a lot of value to a Garden of this nature because of its durability and its all-weather features. Few other gardens are able to incorporate so many aspects of human nature, the tranquility, peace, and harmony with nature as it has been accomplished here in the Japanese garden.