10 tips from Deco Smart for bedroom decorations

The bedroom is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in the house. This is our refuge, the quiet and peaceful place that allows us to rest after a long and hard day. Follow these 10 tips from Deco Smart – Entreprise du Bâtiment à Bordeaux – and create a great bedroom!

  1. Choose the color of your walls wisely

Colors have a real impact on our well-being. Your walls, bedspreads, furniture and curtains influence your state of mind and can certainly influence the quality of your sleep. Opt for soft, natural colors like taupe, sage green, pale blue or light gray.

  1. A suitable window covering

If you are a person who has to be in total darkness for a good night’s sleep, then investing in good opaque drapes is a very good idea. You can find cheap canvas in supermarkets that will not cost much!

You can then decorate your windows with decorative curtain panels that let in natural light during the day, without compromising your privacy.

  1. Versatile lighting

Lighting is a very important element in deco. When choosing your style , think about the kind of ambiance you want to create as well as your functional needs. A good starting point: a ceiling that illuminates the entire room and two bedside lamps.

  1. Clean the space

Did you know that room clutter can affect your stress level?

In order to get a good night’s sleep, try adopting some storage baskets and / or closed cabinets to store your belongings. Nothing like a clean and organized space to keep you relaxed!

  1. Pay attention to the choice of textiles

Your room is a place that should inspire calm and relaxation, so it goes without saying that you must direct your decor to comfort.

  1. Choose the right furniture format

Prepaid room kits are becoming less popular and the mismatched look is currently in vogue! Do not hesitate to dispose of a dresser to replace it with storage well thought under the bed or a storage module suitable for your wardrobe .

  1. Add some greenery!

A nice way to add a little life to your decor is to incorporate some green plants. They filter the air, moisten it and remove pollutants, which is very good for your health!

  1. Maximize the space

The key element that will allow you to keep your haven in order: storage! Organize your wardrobe, divide your drawers, add storage under the bed, install shelves, get some baskets … the solutions are endless!

  1. A cozy carpet under the bed

To maximize the comfort of your bedroom, get a cozy rug to put under your bed. If you run out of space, a smaller model on each side of the bed will do the trick!

  1. Adopt the wall decor in moderation

To decorate the walls of your room, try to go with sober items that inspire relaxation.

Keep all in order and relax!