4 Types of Conveyor Belts You Didn’t Know Existed


Have you ever thought about how those mobile straps at the airport and the grocery store make our lives so much easier? Yes, a conveyor belt is definitely one of the smartest and most convenient innovations of the early 19th century that remains relevant today. What’s more amusing is that there’s not one, but five belt types that may surprisingly pique your interest! 

Sanitary and Washdown Conveyor Belts

Sanitary and Washdown Conveyor Belts are a key player in the pharmaceutical and food industry. You can find this in manufacturing plants for commercialized bread, chips, biscuits, oil, medicines, hygienic products, and many more.  This type of belt conveyor is designed to hold out against intense decontamination measures and endure hours of production work. Moreover, these belts also undergo extreme heat and grease while operating. Thus, being considered one of the toughest conveyor belts in the manufacturing field. 

Incline – Decline Conveyor Belts 

The Incline-Decline Conveyor Belt serves as a handy pulley for transporting things in bulk to elevated places. The effective structure of this type of conveyer belt ensures that the objects it is moving from one floor to another will get there without falling off the belt. You will identify an Incline-Decline Conveyor Belt by its upwards position and the evenly distributed bars lying horizontally on the surface. 

Specialty Conveyor Belts 

Specialty Conveyor Belt is an umbrella term used for all other belt conveyers constructed for particular purposes. These are machinery that usually serves a sole purpose may it be food, construction, or packaging-related. Examples of Specialty Conveyor Belts are as follows:

Sandwich Belt Conveyors (for more secure transportation of items up an incline)

Fiber Glass Belts (used for extreme temperature operations)

Back-Lit Belts (assists with quality maintenance)

Vacuum Belts (to secure items during high-speed operations)

Modular Belt Conveyors

A Modular Belt Conveyor is what you can call an all-around conveyor belt. It can basically operate like a normal belt, but with a special capability of moving around corners. This type of conveyor belt is common machinery in various industries because it is multipurpose and dynamic. Additionally, Modular Conveyor Belts are also relatively easier to clean compared to the other types. 

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