4 Ideas to Transform Your Living Room Using Oakwood

Oakwood has always been the choice of many for those who want simple rustic designs. If you have a couple of oak beams for your living room, pairing them with mahogany isn’t such a bad idea. Here are a couple of tips on how to match both mahogany and oak together.



The good thing about mahogany is that it grows everywhere around the world, not to mention it has various species. It’s a hardwood that is tight and straight-grained, but even with similar grains, there are still subtle differences in colors. Mahoganies in South America have a natural red color. Those near the South Pacific like the Philippines, have a gray and flat color. African mahoganies have a tinge orange color. If you already have your mahoganies in place, you can try to identify what species it is and its place of origin.



Unlike mahoganies that can grow all around the globe, oaks only have two varieties, and both grow only in the United States. The red oak has the traditional colors of pink and red. It is also less expensive than the white oak, and more common. The white oak is rare and has a harder surface. It has a tint of gray and yellow mixed together. Keep these colors in mind because oak will always retain its natural color no matter what color it’s stained in. However, if you plan on using them as decorations, staining them would defeat the purpose of its natural colors.



Fortunately, trim work is compatible with all the hardwood species. Having red oak as a baseboard is recommended since its type of wood is harder compared to mahogany, making it more suitable as a trim. You can also use mahogany wood door casings along with a rosette on top made of red-oak. You can try putting a molding made of white oak on top of a Philippine mahogany piece for wall panel designs. Doing experiments by cutting small pieces and putting them together is also enjoyable.



If you use oak wood as floors, the best to pair them with is mahogany furniture. Perks of it is that matching isn’t as hard because of the similar texture and look. They are quite easy to change; you can mix and match with regards to the design of your floor. Because oak wood is more durable than mahogany, they are usually used for rustic floor designs while mahogany is used for furniture.


Tables and desks made out of mahogany look beautiful when matched with any oak floor. In living rooms, you can pair trims and door casings made of mahogany with oak couches or end tables.


Hardwoods always give that natural and fresh effect to the room. Because of their durability and intrinsic style, the longevity and charm they add to the household make it more comfortable and relaxing. It is ideal to understand the differences of the wood you’re using to make sure there won’t be any regrets in the end.