My husband and I were wanting to build a porch on the exterior of our home. I had found several ideas using oak beams and I showed them to my husband. He said there were a few of these ideas that he could make work and build by himself. He said he would look more into how it the porches and roofing was built.

While he was looking into this information, I started looking at stores that had oak beams Shropshire area. I went online and searched for just that. I found several places around that had oak beams that were high quality for sale. I was able to look at their websites and see even more ideas of projects that could be done with the beams.

I asked my husband if he had looked at the pricing for oak beams and he said he really hadn’t. He said he was more concerned about how well he could do with the projects I liked. I told him that I had looked around and found a few places with oak beams Shropshire area. I let him know I found a few other projects I liked and that he could base his ideas off of. He took a look at them and said that there was one that he could definitely do and it wouldn’t be as hard as a few of the others I showed him. Either way, I knew he would be able to do the porch and roofing just the way I wanted it done. He is great at working with things and I trust the quality of his work.

He showed me a picture he had drawn up using a few of the easier ideas I showed him of what I wanted it to look like. I really loved what he had come up with and told him about the places I found that sold the oak beams. He went and bought what we needed and said he was going to start on the project that weekend.

The whole weekend he worked on the porch and I helped him where I could. He had a few of his friends that helped him too. They were able to finish the job up by the end of the weekend and it looked just the way I wanted it to and I love it.